TRACK REVIEW: ‘Malibu’ – Miley Cyrus

Cyrus Malibu
Miley Cyrus – ‘Malibu’. Image Credit:

Four years after her notorious MTV Video Music Awards performance Miley Cyrus returns with a gloriously characterless new track ‘Malibu’.

Gone is the hideously brash nakedness and sexuality that has accompanied Cyrus since the release of 2013’s ‘Bangerz’ and in comes a dangerously dull throwback to 2009 ‘Party in the USA’ Cyrus without the massive chorus to back it up.

“Here I am, next to you, the sky’s so blue, in Malibu” sings Cyrus as Coldplay-esque guitars try in vein to fill the space left by the empty lyric.

This track was perhaps concocted in an attempt to soften her image, an attempt to show an older, wiser and more mature woman and in someways that cannot be denied. However in doing so, Cyrus has lost the very identity that set her apart from the all other female solo pop artists of this world.

Despite it’s flaws and my deep-seated issues with the video, at least ‘Wreckin’ Ball’ had *erhm* balls. Can you imagine anyone other than 2013 Miley singing it? no. Yet ‘Malibu’ is a perfect pop package all wrapped up for Katy Perry, Ariana Grande or Selena Gomez and there in lies the problem.

While she seemed to flourish with her outlandish and disturbingly overbearing sexuality, ‘Malibu’ unforgivably pales into mediocrity, something one could have not envisaged from the Cyrus of old.


Listen Here:


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