First ever blog post huh? damn.

I’m sitting on my bed, in my bedroom, at my parent’s house on a Friday evening after work wondering what on earth I should tell the world in my first blog. I’m really not sure if truth be told.

I suppose I should introduce myself… My name is Sam, I’m a 23 year old Creative Musicianship graduate currently working as a Retail Assistant for a Premier League football club. I know what you’re thinking… “He really needed that degree for this job, what a waste of time and money”. Or perhaps that’s what I’m thinking.

After three years of living, gigging and studying in London, I finished university in May 2016; almost 1 year ago to the day that I’m writing this blog, time really does fly doesn’t it?

I had my final performance on May 20th at The Amersham Arms in New Cross. I would be performing for the first (and sadly, so far anyway) last time with an extremely talented group of musicians that I had been lucky enough to befriend whilst studying. Performing under my name, we played six of my original songs that I would describe as Indie/Alternative Rock or to use a term coined by the now defunct Oasis cover band (sorry) Viva Brother, ‘Gritpop’. Our set was met with great cheers of approval from a crowd made up of friends, family, lectures and passers by and subsequently at Graduation the following November along with a First Class Honours degree, I was awarded Best Final Performance.

Sam Grad
Being presented with the award for Best Final Performance

November’s Graduation celebrations followed a summer of moving back to my parent’s house on the London/Surrey border, a jaunt up to Y Not Festival in Derbyshire and a lovely staycation in the Yorkshire Dales and the Lake District with my girlfriend, her parents and her younger brother and sister. However, as Summer 2016 drew to a close the reality of my (financial) situation began to dawn, I needed a job.

Throughout the summer I applied for various internships/entry level roles at a range of different music companies from record labels to studios to promotions companies. In mid September I was offered an interview at a dance music promotions company based in Shepherd’s Bush. The role was ‘Promotions Coordinator’ and the successful candidate would be contributing in all aspects of the business including assisting with client liaison, social media and blog posts, and writing press releases as well as general office duties.

After a really positive interview, I eagerly awaited a response from the Head of Promotions. One week went by and to my dismay I hadn’t heard anything so I decided to email in to check the status of my application. A day later I received the dreaded ”thanks but no thanks” email explaining how they had decided to go for a candidate with more experience. Classic.

After one or two more rejection emails and with my dad on my case about ‘contributing to the household’, I began to realise that maybe I couldn’t just hold out until my degree came good and I landed that music job. Perhaps I might have to get a less specialised role to tide me over. I looked around a bit and eventually I was offered a role as a full time Retail Assistant for a London based Premier League football club. I decided to take it as it was a job I knew I could do and would (relatively) enjoy. It’s local, the money is pretty decent and I happen to be a fan of the team.

Six months later however, as I write this blog I am still in the same role, my appetite for applying to new roles having diminished somewhat. Although, I recently had an interview for ‘Online Content Assistant’ for a popular music retailer based on the South Coast. The interview that went well, but yet again I was denied on the basis of another candidate having more experience.

Which brings me to why I’ve started this blog; I need more experience in producing online content. It may not be much but there’s something rather appealing and reassuring about having my very own corner of the internet. Writing this post has been somewhat cathartic so I’m hoping future posts will have a similar effect, all the while enabling me to improve my writing skills (I’ve got an A Level in English Literature and Language you know).

I won’t promote this much to start with, I’m curious to see how much traffic an unpromoted (is that a word?) blog can attract using tags and categories alone.

All for now ✌️



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